Thursday, December 26, 2013

End of Year Post

Wow, a lot has happened in a year.

We took our first family vacation.

I attended my first Melaleuca convention and saw my business grow.

Hudson turned one.

We saw Rye & Tim return for a second year on the mission field.

We took our second family vacation.  But technically it doesn't count if you are visiting family?

We made a decision to see if God would open doors for us to move back to Maine.

We saw God open doors.

We got a contract on our house while visiting  Maine.  A total miracle.  Seriously.

We sold our house and bought an incredible house.

We moved.  My father and uncle drove our moving truck from Maryland.

My mom graciously hosted us for two weeks before we closed on a house.

We had more help than we have ever had moving in and cleaning our house.

We were sad to say goodbye to our church but love our new church (new/old) in Maine.

We love our new babysitter.

We got the fantastic news that my cousin Annie is pregnant with her first child and moving to Toronto.

We have been able to see our family in Maine so much more.

Especially Teagan and Christopher - we are their only aunt and uncle so that makes them special.

We got to meet Jana's third daughter Vera.

Have made some great new friends and gotten closer to others.

We are grateful.

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