Friday, November 29, 2013

Catch Up Post - From Most Recent to Oldest

I have been posting on Facebook only because it's so much easier to do.  Here's my catch up post. 

Henry is growing like a weed. Very much into wild animals now.  He has a love hate relationship.  He is fascinated but asks all the time if there are coyotes in our house.  He loves watching shows on Alaska and Maine Game Wardens.  He's been going to the child care at the Y while I work out and really loves Awana.  Henry is extremely cautious about the woods because it's hunting season and even gets after Dave for going near them with out orange.  He loves having company and offers people drinks when they arrive and asks the to sit down.

Hudson continues to be most fascinated with balls.  Or any object he can throw.  He also loves dogs and loves music.  He will start dancing (he's quite the dancer) when we turn on music or even if we tap our foot.  He loves to dance to the song "When You're Happy and You know It".   Hudson is still nursing.  At this moment I am trying to wean him from nursing all night.  He's teething, so I think it's his comfort when he wakes up.

I am still working my Melaleuca business.  Going well.  Dave is working at Bank of America and starts his new schedule after training tomorrow.

We have visitors almost everyday which is very nice.  My sister Jana, her new born Vera and Stella will be here today.  We have a friend from Southern Maine tomorrow night and our babysitter spends the night once a week as well.  Never a dull moment.

taken with my iphone - yesterday at Thanksgiving at my mom's house.

We plan on teasing Chris about his purse when he gets older.

My friend Bobbie and I have been shooting videos to build our business.  Here's a snap shot from one.

Hudson dancing on part of the pot.

Making a gluten free, dairy free pumpkin pie.

girls' night with my teenage babysitter from church.

Christopher and Henry doing puzzles on Saturday.

Christopher likes to hold letters.  So cute.

Daddy and his boys.

My cool four year old.

my cute one year old.

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