Friday, August 9, 2013

Vinny Food Story

Anyone who knew Vinny for longer than five minutes knew he had issues with food.  Like eating all of it.  I still laugh at hearing others' encounters with Vinny and food.  Here's one from Brian:

Hello Rachel,
I am sitting here in my office, the boss is out of town and all my work is done.  So I thought I would send one of the stories about your brother I have floating around in my head.
I know you understand Vinny's thing for food.  I never saw anyone eat as much as he did and not weigh 500 pounds.  He loved protien shakes, the kind you make from powders with a little water.  We both lifted weights and drink these shakes.
One day I was able to travel to another base in Germany and bought a protein mix called "Hot Stuff".  It was protein mix with a extra caffiene and probably ephedra in it.  It would rasie your metabolism up and help you get a better work out.  I did not like the stuff because it made my skin crawl.  I gave the rest of it to Vinny with a warning of not to take it in the afternoon because it would keep you from sleeping.
The next morning at 6:30 for work, I saw Vinny and he looked horrible.  I asked him if he felt ok and he told me that he was mad at me.  I asked why?  His words were "I know you told me not to take that protein in afternoon but at 9:00 last night I got hungry so I made a glass of it and I couldn't fall asleep till 4am."  I asked how that is my fault?  He said "You know how I am with food, I had to have something to eat last night and you knew I would eat it anyways". 
That was the thanks I got for giving him food.
Vinny would wait for pay day and then have someone take him to the Commissary to buy eggs.  I remember he bought 4 dozen eggs one time and boiled them in the kitchen on our floor.  He put them in his refridgerator and had eaten them in 2 DAYS!!  I never knew someone could eat 48 eggs in 2 days.

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Kevlar said...

The base we were on was a small one and the chow hall only served 2 meals on the weekend. A buddy of ours was a cook and if he worked on the weekends Vinny would go down there and they would cook a couple steaks, potatoes, and whatever else they wanted. That man was truely a human garbage machine. To this day I have never seen anything like it.