Thursday, May 2, 2013

We are in Utah!

We had a relatively smooth journey to Utah.  Henry was SO excited yesterday during the day before we left.  He was pulling a suitcase around the house.  He loved the bus ride from the long term parking lot to the terminal.

We were supposed to be seated in two different rows.  The Delta rep we dealt with wasn't the friendliest.  But we did have an extremely nice passenger who switched with us.

Our biggest events were keeping Hudson occupied, keeping Henry from talking too loudly and Henry spilling his soda.  Oh yeah, the diaper change in the airplane bathroom was interesting too.

The mountains flying in were stunning.  The people in Salt Lake are extremely friendly and kind.  Definitely culture shock from the East Coast.  In fact, our rental car people practically rolled out the red carpet.

Today the Melaleuca Convention starts and Dave will be on his own with the boys, so please pray for all of them and me.

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